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Warm-bloodedness emerged 20 million years earlier than previously thought

Ancient fossils suggest warm-bloodedness emerged 20 to 30 millions of years earlier than previously thought.

Study finds disparities in the perception of obesity

A study at Cornell University found factors such as gender, race and generation matter in judging whether someone is considered obese or not.

Kim Jong-Un Wouldn’t Be Upstaged By Trump’s Commencement Addresses

?Aw, hell, naw!? Kim Jong-Un reportedly told his top advisors upon learning that Donald Trump was delivering commencement addresses. ?If anyone is going to be the top-billed megalomaniacal commencement speaker in this pre-apocalyptic world, it?s gonna be me!? 

On ?The Late Show with Stephen Colbert? Wednesday night, Kim Jong-Un appeared to deliver a truly inspiring speech for young graduates … with wealthy and powerful fathers.

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Ron Cephas Jones Shares Exciting Details About Season 2 Of ‘This Is Us’

Ron Cephas Jones made everyone reach for the tissue box with his incredible performance as Randall?s (Sterling K. Brown) biological father, William Hill, on the first season of NBC?s breakout hit ?This Is Us.?

Warning! Spoilers below.

After spending the season reconnecting with his grown son ? who was adopted by Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) as a baby ? William lost his battle to cancer on the Episode 16 of the show, titled ?Memphis.? The whole episode was a tear-jerker, and a reminder to cherish the ones you love. 

But although William is no longer alive in the series, Cephas Jones confirmed to HuffPost during a Build Series interview that his character will be back in flashback scenes, which the show is known for. 

?I would come in each day in the dressing room and I would open the script going, ?Is this the day that they?re going to kill him?!? And it was so hard. I could imagine William feeling the same way ? waking up each day not knowing if it?s going to be your last day,? Cephas Jones said, adding, ?As the actor in Ron, I didn?t want to leave. I wanted to stay a part of the show and stay a part of the family that we?ve created there. And lo and behold, that happened. That?s the next thing for Season 2.?

According to the actor, the writers and creator Dan Fogelman will create a ?really beautiful? storyline for William next season. 

?It?s similar to Jack?s character ? you already know that he?s died but we see his whole life throughout the season. So now, Season 2 will go back and fill in those spaces and those questions people have about William ? with his relationship with Jessie (Denis O?Hare) or how did he become a musician or how did he get from Memphis to Philadelphia?? Cephas Jones explained. ?What and how and where they?re going to write, I have no idea, but I?m just really blessed and happy that I?ll be back for Season 2.?

Cephas Jones said the cast is usually kept in the dark about storylines until table reads, where they freak out flipping through page after page.

?We?re reading along going, ?Oh, s**t! Oh, f**k! Oh my f**king God!? And we?re laughing and we?re looking at each other going, ?Oh no!?? he joked. ?It?s definitely a page-turner and exciting and a lot of fun.?

We can?t wait to see where Season 2 takes us. (Probably on another emotional roller-coaster, duh.)

Watch the full interview with Ron Cephas Jones on Build below. 

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Nicky Hayden: Ex-MotoGP champion in induced coma after cycling accident

Former MotoGP champion Nicky Hayden is in a medically induced coma after being hit by a car while cycling in Italy.

Gothenburg v AIK: ‘Match-fixing attempt’ leads to Swedish fixture postponement

A Swedish top-flight fixture between Gothenburg and AIK is called off after an alleged match-fixing attempt.

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