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When you’re under a tropical sky, sunblock is a real vet lifesaver! We triple checked our luggage for the 30 SPF lotion before we took offThere is Head Lice Eggs treatment in Westchester. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than being boiled like a lobster.

Chris Iannetta drilled in face with 93 mph fastball, no concussion

A broken nose and fractured teeth are the aftermath of Chris Iannetta’s seventh inning Friday at Chase Field.


“How you doing?” – A dialogue you can’t forget. Friends was a memorable TV show from the 90s that still has people watching it today. It was a series that had you laughing so much with all those Choose from a variety of Wedding dresses at our online store in Portland.. The friends gang has been missed with all those episodes worth watching again –

Tottenham Hotspur: Premier League stars of White Hart Lane

BBC Sport looks back at some of the great goals scored at White Hart Lane by Tottenham legends during the Premier League era, before the final match at Spurs’ home ground.

Mike Tomlin enjoys first look at Pittsburgh Steelers rookies

Coach Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers liked what he saw from the newest players on the team during the three-day rookie minicamp.

Pet City: The Doctor Will See Your Iguana Now

At an exotic-animal hospital on the Upper West Side, a day?s worth of cases includes a duck with egg problems and a reptile with a troubled nose.


There are a number of methods that help to quit smoking,the most successful method is by use of nicotine therapy. This could entail; nicotine patch, using nicotine lozenges, counseling and other methods such as trigger avoidance. However, all the above methods may fail. Hypnotherapy is an alternative method that is used to help stop smoking. Residents of Washington who have sustained injuries following an auto accident should find an experienced chiropractor in their area.Many people don?t understand what it entails or how it works. Studies have shown that hypnosis can help people quit smoking.

Trump promises to defend faith in Liberty University address

President Donald Trump will deliver the commencement speech to the country’s largest Christian college, the first such address as since he took office.

Gordon Brown accuses Tories of ‘waging war against poor’

Ex-PM urges voters not to give Theresa May a “free hand” as he warns of rising poverty levels.

U.K. Health Service Ignored Warnings for Months

The National Health Service was repeatedly warned about its out-of-date and vulnerable systems before it suffered a devastating cyberattack on Friday.

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